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Project Management Collaboration Solution with Arkadin

Location: Goa
Date posted: 2012 Aug 12
Transaction type: Offering / For Sale / Selling
Price: 11
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Project Management Collaboration Solution Additional Features:
Desktop integration tools for Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes to prepare and invite participants to a web and/or audio conference.
Audio console to manage audio conference participants online.
Recording and post conference reports.
Desktop and application sharing between moderator and participants.
Whiteboard to sketch flow charts or diagrams.
File transfer capabilities for sharing up-to-date documentation.
Contact our Representative now at info.hk[at]arkadin[dotcom] or
call at our Hongkong number +852 2186 0400
For more details visit: http://www.arkadin.com.hk/.
For Advertise contact us ( Advertise[at]globalearnfast[dotcom]). (lo1200)
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